7 Compelling Reasons Why Hemp Textiles are Better for You and Your Planet

We have evidence that humans were using hemp textiles as early as 8000 BC. In fact, our word for canvas comes from the word cannabis.

But since hemp cultivation was banned in many countries for much of the 20th century and beyond, you could be forgiven for not knowing too much about hemp textiles today.

However, recent changes in legislation are allowing hemp cultivation to become more widespread, and more and more people are once again discovering the abundant benefits of hemp textiles.

Read on to find out what makes hemp so much better than the rest.

7. Takes Dyes and Prints Well
Hemp textiles are great for expressing creativity and detail in applications such as clothing or homeware because they handle prints and dyes so well. Hemp textiles allow you to add branding, intricate patterns and splashes of vibrant colour to your creations easily because the nature of the fabric enables efficient absorption of prints and dyes.

6. Versatile
With over 50 000 uses, industrial hemp is prized for its incredible versatility – and hemp textiles are just as versatile.  Hemp fabrics range from rugged and functional canvas to a toasty, cosy fleece or a luxurious hemp/silk blend and just about everything in between. Artwork, wedding dresses, nappies and surfboards are just some of the things our customers use hemp fabrics for, along with the clothing and accessories that we manufacture.

5. Breathable
Hemp’s hollow fibres make hemp textiles highly breathable. This means that hemp clothing has a wonderful light, airy feeling that makes it very comfortable to wear. This breathability gives hemp clothing superior moisture-wicking abilities, meaning you dry faster and stay drier for longer.

4. Healthy
Wearing or using hemp textiles is healthy because they naturally possess anti-bacterial and anti-allergy properties. The breathability of hemp textiles prevents the spread of anaerobic bacteria. Hemp textiles are also naturally UV resistant, providing added protection against the sun.

3. Sustainable
Hemp is exceptionally eco-friendly partly because of how tall – and how fast – it grows.  Reaching three to four metres tall in just 3 months, hemp’s fast & potentially infinite supply of fibre is the very definition of sustainable.

Additionally, hemp textiles are biodegradable. This means that they can eventually return gently to the earth, compared to synthetic textiles which clog landfills and pollute our oceans for decades to come.

2. Eco-friendly
Adding to hemp’s outstanding eco-credentials is the fact that it is much lighter on water, land, pesticides and fertilisers than conventional cotton or flax. This means less harsh or harmful chemicals polluting our soil and water supply. In fact, hemp is known to be able to purify toxins from the soil in a process called phytoremediation.

1. Exceptional Quality
Hemp textiles have a unique and luxurious look and feel which gives them the unmistakable calibre of exceptional, premium quality.

Add an ethical, eco-conscious element to your range.
If you are looking for ways for your brand to tread a bit more lightly, then look no further.  Hemp textiles are the solution for brands and consumers with a more conscious and ethical approach because they are plastic-free, biodegradable and sustainable.

They also bring that luxurious, premium quality feel to any application, from fashion to accessories, to interiors and so much more.

See examples of local South African brands that are using our textiles for their products below.

Sitting Pretty, Hemplove, Nadya Von Stein

Reefer shoes, Minted Ginger (bespoke aprons and uniforms)

Moonbasket , Room 13 collection

Orms (printing on hemp canvas), NestingZA (children’s toys), Tyche (pet products)

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Hemporium has pioneered hemp building in South Africa, starting with “The House that Hemp Built” in Noordhoek Cape Town in 2011.

This house is a showcase for hemp products and includes hempcrete walls, hemp chipboard, hemp insulation, hemp carpets, curtains, couches and more.

We have since been involved in 4 more buildings, including a Soup Kitchen in Khayelitsha.

Hempcrete is the “better than zero carbon” building system. For more information please visit the “USES” section or click HERE for an article on the original house.

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