Yiza Ekhaya Hemp Building Work Party

Yiza Ekhaya Soup Kitchen is a feeding scheme in an underpriveleged area of Cape Town, where Mickey looks after hundreds of community members on a daily basis.

Now Mickey is getting an extension  to her premises, and best of all – it’s made from hemp. Hemporium and architect Wolf, who previously collaborated on Cape Town’s other hemp building projects, got together to build a hemp extension to Mickey’s soup kitchen.

A work party was hosted, and it was awesome to see how many volunteers of all ages and backgrounds turned up to help with the building.

We all had a great time learning more about this innovative eco-friendly building method. Visit the the Yiza Ekhaya Soup Kitchen page for more info & help provide hemp nutrition to those who could really benefit from it by clicking here.


Western Cape Hemp Trial Harvest 2015

Hemporium was involved in a commercial incubation research trial in the Western Cape. The trial was permitted by the department of health and ran between 2012 and 2015. These are some images from harvest time 2015. Click here for a short video about the trial.


Tony visits Malawi’s Hemp Trial

Tony recently visited Invegrow’s hemp trial in Malawi. He has been consulting on the project and was pleased to see the progress they are making. Some of the highlights included getting to test out a small decorticator (machine used to seperate the hemp fibres from the stalk) and demonstrating how to make hempcrete.


Bo Kaap Hemp Building Project

Hemporium was delighted to be involved in Cape Town’s third hemp building project, a mixed use residential/office space which was built by Wolf, of Wolf and Wolf Architects, who previously collaborated on Hemporium’s hemp house.


Hemp House – Furnished

The finished hemp house with hemp carpets, hemp couches, hemp lampshades, hemp bed-linen, hemp pictures, hemp cushions, hemp cosmetics, hemp curtains and more… what more do you need?


Hemp House – Finished product pre-furniture

The final product, besides for some small snags.
The furniture is still to come, but the house is looking beautiful and holding up to the Cape Winter very well.


Hemp House – Finishing Stages

Very close to completion, these are some pics of the hemp house becoming a hemp home.


Construction – Hemp Plaster

Moving onto the finishes now, These pics are of the hemp plaster layer being applied to the hempcrete walls. This layer has higher quantities of lime and some sand, and makes it much tougher, a solid crust to the insulating hempcrete.


Construction – Hempcrete

The casting and plastering of the hempcrete walls.


Hemporium has pioneered hemp building in South Africa, starting with “The House that Hemp Built” in Noordhoek Cape Town in 2011.

This house is a showcase for hemp products and includes hempcrete walls, hemp chipboard, hemp insulation, hemp carpets, curtains, couches and more.

We have since been involved in 4 more buildings, including a Soup Kitchen in Khayelitsha.

Hempcrete is the “better than zero carbon” building system. For more information please visit the “USES” section or click HERE for an article on the original house.

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