Hemp Earthly Body Fragr Body Mist


Fragr Body Mist



A fragrant, refreshing spray that moisturizes and invigorates your skin. This light, seductive mist nourishes your face and body with hemp and pure botanicals. Our alcohol-free mist also refreshes linens and adds a clean scent to any room. Body Mist is a must in the sun – a cool blast of freshness. Refrigerate for maximum cooling effects!

  • Use after sun or shower for refreshing skin rejuvenation
  • Formulated with Hemp Seed Oil & Pure Botanicals
  • Light body fragrances for men and women


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Hemporium has pioneered hemp building in South Africa, starting with “The House that Hemp Built” in Noordhoek Cape Town in 2011.

This house is a showcase for hemp products and includes hempcrete walls, hemp chipboard, hemp insulation, hemp carpets, curtains, couches and more.

We have since been involved in 4 more buildings, including a Soup Kitchen in Khayelitsha.

Hempcrete is the “better than zero carbon” building system. For more information please visit the “USES” section or click HERE for an article on the original house.

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